26th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Almaty Consolidation Center (АСС) - international and local transportation of standard and oversized cargo

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The main mission of the Almaty Consolidation Center company is to find and implement the most effective logistics solution for your cargo transportation. We apply advanced technologies, as well as a quality management system to create an individual approach and integration into the client’s business. The technologies used by us allow the transportation of standard and oversized cargo.

Our fleet is equipped with vehicles of various types with a carrying capacity of 30 to 900 tons that meet all modern requirements and standards. Among them are the newest Volvo trucks equipped with Belgian-made Faymonville extendable low bed-trailers. These trailers are designed to transport extra-long blades of wind generators and other oversized cargo.

The company's cars correspond to the fifth environmental class (similar to Euro-5). This allows to reduce by 1.5 times the content of pollutants in the exhaust gases of new vehicles. The ACC technical staff was trained to manage super-long semi-trailers at the Faymonville training ground in Russia.

The driver of our continuous development is a strong management team whose qualifications are constantly growing. The logistics management in our company is carried out by 20 highly qualified specialists who speak different foreign languages (English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Kazakh). Our experts in the field of freight forwarding have extensive experience and strive to constantly improve their skills so that regardless of the degree of your knowledge of the freight forwarding services market, you will feel confident and comfortable.

We offer our customers integrated logistics, including:
• Freight forwarding services;
• International multi-modal transportation of goods;
• Transportation of oversized and heavy loads;
• Project logistics;
• Customs clearance;
• Brokerage services;
• Cargo insurance;
• Warehousing.


In the market of high competition as logistics services Almaty Consolidation Center daily proves its image of a reliable partner. Regardless of the volume of supply, we guarantee short deadlines, quality and reasonable cost of transport services. Our company strives for a joint partnership to allow you to optimize the cost of transporting goods and increase the efficiency of your business as a whole.

We are always glad to cooperate!

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