26th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Feedback from participants TransLogistica Kazakstan 2022

Mirziyed Mirkhamidov, FIRST DRY PORT TERMINAL:

Our terminal is located in Tashkent, at Sergeli station. This is our first participation in this exhibition. We expected to make new contacts and communicate with our current partners. In Kazakhstan, we have many partners as transport companies, with whom we do business for quite a long time. We met with existing partners, got acquainted with new ones, hope for long-term prospective relationships with them, and we lso strive to strengthen relationships with existing ones. The exhibition is very dynamic, there are a lot of visitors, and we were able to talk about our company. We hope to come back next year.

ANNA SHKOLNAYA, AsstrA – Associated Traffic AG:

This is the second year we have participated in TransLogistica Kazakhstan. The exhibition is active, very effective, it is always a pleasure to meet partners, clients, to talk personally, to discuss issues, to build plans for further cooperation. I would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition for such a wonderful and productive event. We hope to meet here next year as well.

Larisa Dosmanova, Bunasta:

Our company Bunasta is a customs broker on the European border, which provides full clearance of shipments. This exhibition will be a great start for mutually beneficial cooperation with Kazakhstan forwarders. At the moment, most of the carriers of Kazakhstan are already using the services of Bunasta, and now there are negotiations on the registration of Asian countries. We are very grateful to the organizers of the exhibition for creating such a platform, where you can meet partners, conclude contracts, discuss further mutually beneficial cooperation. Thank you!

Sanzhar Rakhim, Shyngar Trans Logistics Company:

Today our company participates in the 25th TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition; we take an active part every year. We meet our partners and strengthen our relations within this exhibition. It is a good opportunity for new meetings and new contacts. We are always happy to participate and develop together with TransLogistica Kazakhstan.

Aizhan Duisenbayeva, Unico Kazakhstan:

Our company is engaged in container transportation, and this was the first time we took part in TransLogistica Kazakhstan. The exhibition was very productive, this year there were a lot of participants, the stands were bright, and the geography of the participants was very large. That's why I recommend everyone to participate in this exhibition as well. We have planned our participation for next year as well, we will invite our colleagues from neighboring countries. I think we can work even more fruitfully and attract customers, which will contribute to the development of business and relationships.

Vitaliy Shin, Zhebe Logistics LCC

We have been on the market since 2007, our main activity is wagon affiliation and container transportation. It's our first time at the exhibition, and our participation fully meets all our expectations. We have about 250 contacts since the first day, and 10 signed contracts. We like everything very much; we plan to exhibit with the stand next year as well.

Tatiyana Yeremina, BaltMarketConsult:

The Estonian national stand offers the whole range of transport services: seaports, railways, forwarding companies. We offer the client a full range of transportation services, which is called "from door to door". The Estonian stand has participated in TransLogistica Kazakhstan for 10 out of 25 years. This is necessary for companies, useful for business, there is an opportunity to meet with their clients, and discuss current issues and prospects. Especially in the current, difficult situation, business cooperation with companies is important. Today, the work of logistics is confirmed in real life and in business, so we are always grateful to the organizers of this platform. We wish them further success and invite everyone to visit our stand next year as well.

Feedback from participants TransLogistica Kazakstan 2021

Purmalis Andris, Port Manager Port of Ventspils

The Port of Ventspils participates in the TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition every year. We will try to participate in the future, because we understand that the path that goes from Kazakhstan to European countries goes through our state. This is how it was historically, we support it and create favorable conditions for transit. Of course, the situation is difficult now due to the coronavirus, the port load is 30-40% of the total, and we are ready to work with any type of cargo from China and Kazakhstan. Now we are working with many Kazakhstani companies. It is very important that in the field of logistics there are no delays in consignments, it is necessary to determine the direction of transit along historical routes, they are the fastest and most reliable. We offer Latvia as a transit state. At the exhibition, we want to announce ourselves that we are alive and ready to work with any cargo, and most importantly, that we see Kazakhstan as a good business partner. We received many contacts from representatives from Belarus and Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the exhibition, varieties of shippers have already approached us and deals with the Port of Ventspils have been agreed. We will definitely participate in the exhibition next year, Kazakhstani entrepreneurs have built a large port terminal in our country, and we are ready to offer new places for business to Kazakhstanis.

Yuldash Rakhmanovich Ibragimov, Chairman of the Board of TransCom LLP

We have been participating in the exhibition since its foundation, so to speak, we are dedicated participants of TransLogistica Kazakhstan. There are no negative moments in the organization of such offline events, because there is an important certain synergy. Especially after such a long break due to quarantine restrictions, there was such a sincere communication today and yesterday, the partners missed communication and live negotiations. For a year and a half that took place in a remote format, the business did not stop, everyone moved forward, so I think there are only advantages from participating in the exhibition. All the visitors were specialized and interested in our services. I would like more participants who are engaged in the transportation process on locomotive traction, and partners from the Russian Federation, we need to attract more partners from the CIS. We have no doubts in our participation in the exhibition this year. Our company will definitely participate in 2022!

Asel Abdykadyrovna Izbasarova, Manager of Marketing and Planning Department, Astyk Trans JSC

Our company Astyk Trans is participating in the transport and logistics exhibition for the third time. In general, we are satisfied with the level of organization of the exhibition; earlier there were no complaints from our side either. The organizing team worked very well, we believe that everything went at a high level. This year, the state apparatus is taking a very active part, which is good news. Since our activity is directly related to the logistics audience, our stand aroused the interest of the profile audience, future potential customers came. A number of productive meetings were held. We have achieved the goals that we set, and we hope for a good result from participation in the exhibition. Due to last year's absence of the exhibition due to the pandemic, the event was long-awaited for all our colleagues in general. I am sure that we will participate for the fourth time in TransLogistica Kazakhstan. The field of logistics implies constant interaction with colleagues and customers, and all this is based on maintaining contacts, making new acquaintances and fruitful cooperation.

Anna Shkolnaya, Head of Marketing and PR Department of “AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG”

We are participating with a stand for the first time, before that our specialists visited the TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition as visitors. The exhibition is organized at a good level; we are satisfied with the preparation, and communication with the organizers, and the very participation in the event. All the goals that we set for ourselves have been fulfilled. We met with partners and clients. Especially after a tough online year, it was a pleasure to meet people and conduct live negotiations. The audience was highly specialized, these were both client companies that use logistics services and partners with whom we have a common business. Our industry does not imply direct and quick deals, but I can say with confidence that the exhibition gave us a lot of promising contacts and notes for the future. We are considering the idea of participating in the exhibition next year, and we will most likely be back.

Yeryomina Tatyana, “TransContainer” Member of the Board of BaltMarketConsult, Estonia

The Estonian national stand is a permanent exhibitor. If the exhibition has been running since 1996, then the Estonian stand has been presented here for 10-15 years for sure. Taking into account the distance between Estonia and Kazakhstan, our company is fruitfully cooperating with Kazakhstan, because Estonia has the sea and access to Europe. We have a lot of Kazakhstani cargo, once it was coal, grain and oil products. Now, specializations are changing, which entails changes in the world as a whole, because of this, new traffic flows come, and companies are effectively adjusting to this. I believe that real negotiations are very important; companies want to communicate, because no modern digital solution can replace face-to-face meetings. The national stand of Estonia is represented by 10 companies. We have been working with Iteca for a very long time and it is always pleasant to note the level of organization. Despite the difficult times, the organizers were able to organize visa issues. We can proudly say that we are satisfied with the level of organization. Despite the pandemic, our decision to take part in the exhibition has not changed, that is, last year we booked a stand at the exhibition, but, unfortunately, due to circumstances, the exhibition did not take place. Visitors and guests of the exhibition were very specialized. Many participants had planned goals for three days, but they were achieved on the first day of the exhibition due to the large influx of visitors and participants after the period of the pandemic. We have already agreed that we will take part in the TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition next year. Our company is very fond of the city of Almaty, there are a lot of companies that are interested in logistics solutions.

Abilseitov Nurlan Sansyzbayevich, Director of the branch of JSC "KTZ Express" - "KTZE Severny"

The national company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" participates in the exhibition on the yearly base. For us, this exhibition is very relevant. This is the basis of the interaction between the company and the client. If we take the dynamics of the exhibition, then every year you can see changes for the better. The innovation with e-tickets, when notifications and information about the exhibition come in, is very well thought out. I also liked that there is a voice notification, this is a good feedback in terms of customer focus. Many logisticians and forwarders missed the live communication, the participants and visitors of the exhibition received only positive emotions. In my opinion, such exhibitions should be held twice a year. The main advantage of holding exhibitions is real-time communication. We got good feedback from our partners in China. Undoubtedly, the company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" will participate in the exhibition next year, because it is a driver for the success of the company.