Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition
18-20 September 2019
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Opinions of participants of TransKazakhstan / Translogistica 2018

Rimas Kudzmanas, Project Manager of JSC "Lithuanian Railways" (Lithuania)

I want to note that every year the exhibition TransKazakhstan / Translogistica is improving. We are lucky, on the first day of the exhibition many visitors, interested customers who set exact tasks for the transportation of goods from Kazakhstan to Western Europe through Lithuania, came to our stand. We expect that this trend will continue and we will get many more new partners.

Deciding on participation in the exhibition, we first of all set out to find new partners, new cargoes. Since Kazakhstan and we have been cooperating for a long time, we carry quite a lot of cargo from China through Kazakhstan, we expect to find business partners from neighboring countries here.

I want to note our interest in the Kazakhstan market. The total volume of cargo from Kazakhstan, coming to Lithuania is 5%. Transit cargo through the Lithuanian railways from Kazakhstan passes 10-12% of the total value. For the year 2017, the total volume of Lithuanian railways amounted to 52 million tons.

Igor Zgursky, Vice-President of the Joint Transport and Logistics Company - Eurasian Railway Alliance (ERA) (Russia))

Kazakhstan railways are one of the shareholders of our company, therefore we are always present on the market of our shareholders, both in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

The purpose of our participation in the exhibition TransKazakhstan / Translogistica 2018 is to present the company, to offer its service to partners. We also hope to find other points of growth for ourselves, for example, Chinese logistics companies.

Thanks to the exhibition, we are able to hold many meetings with our regular partners, establish technological and technical cooperation, and adjust plans for further work. This is also important for us!

Given the dynamic growth of the existing trade between China and the EU, our company has set a strategic goal - by 2025 to bring the transportation of goods through the corridor China-Europe to 1 million TEU per year. In 2017, this figure was 176 thousand TEU, at the end of 2018, I think it will grow to 250 thousand TEU.

Vadim Gunin, deputy Director General for the development of the branch network of OOO "FKKGrup" (Russia)

The purpose of our company's presentation at the TransKazakhstan 2018 exhibition is to enter the Kazakhstan market and get profitable contracts. We expect to transport a large volume of cargo in all our areas, namely auto and air transportation, sea and rail transportation.

Our company sees a serious potential for cargo transportation in your region. I believe that this is directly related to the relationship between Kazakhstan and China. All the transit of Chinese manufacturers goes through Kazakhstan, therefore the growth of business here is limitless.

Our company participates in the exhibition Translogistica for the first time. We made such a decision in connection with the opening of a representative office in Kazakhstan this year.
In general, I estimate the organization of the exhibition positively. And we will definitely attend the next year Translogistica again.

Yerlan Tulendiyev, General Director of LLP "NUR ZHOL COMPANY" (Kazakhstan)

As practice shows, when the international exhibition of "Transport and Logistics" is held in Almaty - the organization is always at the highest level. One of the important factors that influence the successful holding of the exhibition is its location. Almaty is a financial hub of the country, where many transport and logistics companies are consolidated. Most traffic flows that enter Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, pass through the Almaty region and through the city of Almaty. I believe that this exhibition creates a platform for the development of international relations in the transport and logistics industry.

Participating in the exhibition Translogistica, we first of all set a goal to find new partners, conclude new contracts. For example, yesterday we were in talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran, after which we began to work together on a new direction.

For the second year we have been participating in the TransKazakhstan / Translogistica 2018 exhibition and in the future we will continue this good tradition.

Mr. Liu Chuntian, deputy Director General of Sales Dry Port of Khorgos Gateway

I believe that the TransKazakhstan / Translogistica 2018 exhibition is organized very well. This is the first exhibition in Kazakhstan, in which I take part.

At this exhibition we met more than 150 companies from China, Europe, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. On the second day of the exhibition, we signed three agreements. I very much thank the organizers of the exhibition for creating such a business site. And I want to say with certainty that we are planning to enter this exhibition next year.

Dry port Khorgos Gateway belongs to 49% of the two Chinese companies. And it was these two companies that saw the potential in the development of transportation in Kazakhstan. I want to note that the Government of Kazakhstan invests a lot of investments in the development of the country's logistics. Thanks to this, with our partner view, the development of the industry is proceeding at a rapid pace.