26th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Feedback from visitors TransLogistica Kazakhstan 2022

Nursultan Kudaibergenov, MD Transport Logistic:

Our company is engaged in freight forwarding all over the world, we are expanding our own fleet and looking for new partners. I visited the TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition, and I enjoyed it all. I attended the events of the business program, listened to the speakers and got a lot of new information. I got acquainted with new agents and met a lot of colleagues in the industry.

Gaziz Aydyngali, Tengizchevroil:

We came to the exhibition to study the market situation on logistics as well as transport nuances, which are in the region, based on the current geopolitical situation. We attended the presentation of our colleagues from Russia, listened to what is going on in the Russian market, what difficulties exist due to sanctions and restrictions, what are the alternatives for transporting cargo both from Russia to Kazakhstan and from Kazakhstan to Russia, the connection between Europe and China. Everything was really productive, we enjoyed it, and we got answers to our questions. We will visit the exhibition all three days of its work.

Dildoshbek Tillayev, DAFEX GROUP LIMITED:

We came from Uzbekistan; we do logistics from China. The purpose of our visit was to see agents and meet live acquaintances and colleagues. We got to know them, talked to them face-to-face, and agreed on how we would work with the temporary warehouses at several stations. We made a request, and we hope to get some answers, so we’ll move forward. We predict that we will have a productive collaboration.

Madina Zakirova, Sunrise Logistics:

Our company is engaged in freight forwarding. We attended this exhibition in order to find clients as well as suppliers. I really enjoyed the exhibition. A lot of great companies were exhibited, and I got a lot of information, new relationships, and contacts. Thank you very much!

Andrey Barusov, Intertatlogistik:

We came to the exhibition from Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. Our company is a freight forwarder, we carry various cargoes from China and India to the region of Tatarstan, and to other regions. The purpose of visiting this exhibition is to find new transportation partners and expand our contacts. There are a lot of companies exhibited. I guess we can find a common understanding of the market and cooperate.

Korkem Kozgarayeva, Tengizchevroil:

This is my first time at an exhibition of this level. From the registration site I saw a large number of stands, it was all very informative, and there were a lot of people. I also enjoyed the fact that all the companies came to present themselves and their industry. I’m a freight forwarding coordinator and we’re looking for informative new products to continue to be used in our region. I really enjoyed the conference on transportation and logistics, as well as the speeches of most of the speakers. The experts shared information about existing opportunities in the current geopolitical situation and the development of exports. I was interested in any information. I also enjoyed the approach and preparation of the Global Container Shipping Company, which has about 800 ships for container shipping. Representatives of this company shared information on cargo tracking, how to book it, how to lay out a container route plan for the railway tracks, they also offered us some tea and we exchanged contact information. We can call on them for advice on questions or on urgent requests. I enjoyed the exhibition for the great number of people, information, networking. Everything was interesting. According to the decree of the President, routes via Baku and Georgia will be developed. I enjoyed the fact that all the companies were prepared for this in a proactive manner.

Margarita Arustamova, VR Logistic:

Our company is engaged in shipping from Europe, and we came to get acquainted with the partners. We really enjoyed everything. We visit it every year, and every year it’s on the same high level. Thanks!

Maxim Trushin, Global Logistic:

This is my first time at this exhibition, I came from Russia. Due to the fact that the vector of transportation is moving to the Asian region, exhibitions of this type are very relevant for us. We met our partners here and talked to them face to face. In communication, you can identify important points on the implementation of transportation. There were many interesting speakers in the business program. Thanks!

Feedback from visitors TransLogistica Kazakhstan 2021

Spartak Gabibulakhovich Yakhbev, Logistics Manager of Eurasian Transit LLP

Our company operates in the field of logistics, and the purpose of our visit was to offer our services to other companies. We also wanted to learn about the proposals of partners, share experiences, and establish new useful contacts. It is very convenient to move around at the exhibition, the arrangement of the stands is well thought out. Warm atmosphere that attracts business communication. We are visiting the exhibition on translogistics for the second time, next year we plan to visit it again.

Timur Medvedev, Senior Manager of Gelani Trans LLP

I am a representative of Gelani trans LLP. I came to the exhibition in order to tell about our company, as well as to get acquainted with other companies. Within the framework of the exhibition, I liked everything very much, many companies that I was looking for were represented. I did not notice any negative points, everything is beautiful and very informative. I have been connected with logistics not so long ago, this is my first industry exhibition and I am satisfied with everything. Hope to attend the translogistics exhibition every year. I am very surprised that I feel comfortable here, because I am a private person, and the TransLogistica Kazakhstan exhibition gave me the opportunity to liberate myself and prove myself in communication.

Krutojs Andrejs, SIA Amplis

TransLogistica Kazakhstan is an annual exhibition that our company has been attending for over ten years. As time goes on, conditions change, but partnerships that need to be maintained and developed remain. The purpose of my visit was to communicate with old partners. I wanted to see each other, visualize in a pandemic that divided people, and again find new options for doing joint business. In general, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizer company. I understand that a large amount of work was done in order for people from other states to come, because visa-free relations between the countries have ended, and the company has made efforts to ensure that people receive visas. I was pleasantly surprised by the exhibition, because on the first day of the event there were a lot of people. It was seen that these are people who are interested in finding contacts and means to achieve their goals.

Samat Askhatovich Nurkhanov, Commercial Director, TAIS LLP

We are active visitors to the exhibition, the purpose of our arrival at the exhibition is to learn about market trends, meet new potential partners, find out how our old partners are doing. I attended a conference and an exhibition, everything was great and all in bonus. The general impression of the exhibition is very positive, we are visiting it not for the first time, we have something to compare with, and I can say that the exhibition is not inferior to the same TransRussia, it can only be in the size of the pavilion, but not in terms of the level of organization. See you soon at the exhibition in 2022!

Olga Kislitsina, Manager, Eurasia TIR Logistics LLP

I am the manager of Eurasia TIR Logistics LLP, our company is a freight forwarder that provides logistics services. This exhibition is very useful for us. There is a pleasant atmosphere here, all sanitary standards are observed and there are no complaints. I can note that the participants were well prepared, the stands are beautiful and of high quality. You can comfortably discuss current business issues. Our company visits this exhibition every year, but I personally visited it for the first time. I will definitely come again in 2022, because this opens up opportunities for live communication with colleagues. In my opinion, the exhibition is very useful for representatives of transport services, many innovations and technical solutions are presented.