Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition
20-22 September 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan


Oleg Kurin, TOO «Kaiza Machinery»

I only got back from a business trip today and I headed straight for the exhibition. For us TransLogistica Kazakhstan is a very important event that helps us get a feel for what's going on in the market. The exhibition has a lot to offer. From among all the companies at the exhibition I've noted six that seem like a very good fit for us specifically. Company CEOs are also in attendance which means that you can quickly discuss any issues, sort out the details, and reach agreements.

Bekzat Rysaldiev, «Hammer Limited»

This is my first time at the TransLogistica Kazakhstan and I liked it a lot. We got a lot of information about the market. We've also found some prospective partners and that was why we took part in the first place, so we got to know each other, exchanged contact information, and discussed some details. I really enjoyed the business program as I learned a lot of industry innovations from it. We've learned some very promising new things that we now plan to introduce at our own company. The plan now is to attend the TransLogistica Kazakhstan every year.

Natalia Rubanenko, «Green Spedition»

We've attended the exhibition seven years in a row now. We look for new partners here. Today we met representatives of a number of companies that we have some great hopes for. Getting to know somebody face to face helps in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation in a more direct and straightforward way than doing it through email or by phone. This year TransLogistica Kazakhstan is even more interesting, there is more diversity in the kind of companies in attendance and the kind of offers they have.

Marat Sadykov, ТОО «Inkar»

TransLogistica Kazakhstan is first and foremost a networking venue for industry experts. Contacts and connections are the two most important aspects in promoting one's business. If you go looking for partners on your own you may very well end up going through a long list of options and never finding the company you need. Here all the movers and shakers of the industry get together in the same place. We've come here to get new contracts and we've put together a portfolio. So the exhibition has helped us a lot.

Murat Egemberdy, Logistics Coordinator with MSC Kazakhstan

You can't be successful in business if you don't know what's going on in the market. TransLogistica Kazakhstan allows us to learn the latest news, see new technologies, and get to know new companies in the industry. The event offers the most comprehensive picture of what is going on in the industry today. I've found a number of new prospective partners. I'm very pleased with the exhibition. And I will certainly be here again next year.