Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition
20-22 September 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan

The International Association "Trans-Caspian International Transport Route"


The Trans-Caspian International Transport Route starts from Southeast Asia and China, runs through Kazakhstan, the Caspian sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and further to European countries.

TITR is consolidating organization, which represents today an interests of number of countries and companies on the new Silk Way which now starting its functioning like in the days of the ancient Silk Road.

TITR is aimed to coordinate interaction of all the participants of transportation of goods and containers along the route from Asia to Europe and in the reversed direction, including needed informational support.

TITR is recognized as an authoritative partner, which contributes simplification an administrative procedures, helps to create competitive environment and assist making best efficiency for the companions from business societies of different countries not only along the Trans-Caspian route.

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