27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Port of HaminaKotka

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Port of HaminaKotka is the largest universal port in Finland. The location of the port is at the Southern coast of Finland, 35 km from the border of Russia. Distance from St. Petersburg is 250 km, Moscow 1000 km.

Port of HaminaKotka is Finland’s leading provider of port services and transport opportunities to Kazakhstan and Russia. Finland has the same rail gauge as Kazakhstan, which makes rail transportation to and from all available Kazakhstan destinations easy and convenient.
Kazakhstan can be reached from Port of HaminaKotka by water using Russian inland waterway system, rivers and canals. This is particularly convenient with project shipments.
Typical cargo from Port of HaminaKotka to Kazakhstan and Russia includes agricultural products, project shipments, motor vehicles, dry bulk, liquid bulk, containers and rolling equipment.
Port of HaminaKotka can offer a broad range of services to cover all logistical needs of the customer. Our port area also offers an attractive site for investment for various port related industrial activities.

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Port of HaminaKotka has almost 200 partners and operators within the port. Together we can offer:
Excellent connections to major European ports
Finland’s biggest container terminal
Dedicated roro terminal
State-of-the-art facilities for handling of dry bulk and liquid bulk cargo
Experienced and efficient handling of break bulk cargo
Handling of even the most challenging project shipments
Deep fairway of 15.3 meters
1,100 ha of land area
9 km of quays, 76 berths
Land areas for investment, ranging from small handling areas to vast industrial facilities

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