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EAEU to introduce electronic passports for vehicles

By November 1, 2019, the countries of the EAEU should switch to a unified system of electronic passports of vehicles.

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This was stated by the heads of relevant government agencies of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union at a meeting chaired by a member of the Board (Minister) on technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission Viktor Nazarenko.

“Full format use of the corresponding system, as stipulated by the Agreement on the introduction of electronic passports of vehicles, will begin when all participants of the EAEU ensure the design of electronic passports and the possibility of their use when registering cars in their national segments,” the EEC Minister said.

Now the Russian side shows the greatest willingness to use electronic passports and has completed almost all the procedures. The system administrator of Electronic Passport informed that by December of this year the Russian system segment will be able to issue 170 thousand auto-passports per month.

In Russia, from November 2019, authorised government agencies, as well as car manufacturers and their official representatives, will issue only electronic passports. The total market of new vehicles in the Union is more than 2.3 million vehicles per year.

It is emphasised that electronic passports will be introduced in the EAEU countries painlessly for car owners. They will be able to use paper passports as much as they see fit until they want to change to an electronic passport, lose the old document or until their vehicle is disposed of.

New passports will be issued necessarily in electronic form. Following the meeting, government agencies agreed to monitor monthly the readiness of national e-passport systems for launch in the Member States with the involvement of the Commission. This is necessary to better understand the ability of the parties to switch to electronic passports.

A full transition to an electronic passport of a vehicle will simplify the mutual movement of vehicles, their registration procedures for citizens, allow system participants to observe the life cycle of technology, and state agencies to use reliable single-format databases in all EAEU countries.


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