27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Kazakh national rail company intends to increase the volume of traffic and transit in 2019

Last week, at a meeting in the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the results of work for 2018 were discussed and tasks for 2019 were defined, the press service of the company reported.

As it was announced at the meeting, the year 2018 was completed with positive results on the key parameters of production activities. 283 million tonnes of cargo were transported, which is 11 million tonnes more than in 2017. Transit increased by 10% and reached over 17 million tonnes. Trains transported about 18 million passengers. More than 1,000 km of railway tracks have been updated, including overhaul of 867 km.

The debt burden caused a negative financial result for the year. In this regard, measures are being taken to efficiently use resources, optimise costs, ensure transparency of the procurement procedure, and increase the personal responsibility of each manager.

The main priority of the company continues to be infrastructure security and traffic safety. These two segments, in addition to investment, require constant attention and adaptation to changing conditions.

The meeting outlined the tasks for 2019 on increasing traffic volumes and developing transit. In order to increase efficiency and strengthen financial sustainability, a development strategy is updated, changes to the regulatory environment and tariff policy will be made, the organisational structure will be simplified. "There will be only profile companies related to the main activity in the structure of KTZh," the report emphasises.

The volume of freight traffic on the KTZ network in January 2019 increased by 2.4%.

In particular, 1.3 million tonnes of grain were shipped, which is 18% higher than in January 2018, of which 1 million tonnes were exported, which is 22% more than last year. In addition, about 300 thousand tonnes of milled products were loaded.


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