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More than 81 billion tenge to be allocated for the repair of roads in Kazakhstan in 2019

In 2019, Kazakhstan plans to repair 1.7 thousand km of roads of republican significance. This was reported in the Ministry of Investment and Development.

"Within the framework of the Law of Kazakhstan "On the Republican budget for 2019-2021", 81.3 billion tenge is envisaged for 2019, due to which repair is planned to cover about 1.7 thousand km of republican roads," the ministry said. As part of the overhaul, it is planned to implement rolling and developed projects with coverage of 513 km of roads. Along with this average repair, it is planned to cover 1,140 km of roads.

"Repaired sections of roads of republican significance are determined by priority in the context of the regions based on the results of the autumn inspection," the department stressed. In addition, according to the ministry, due to the allocated funds, the technical condition of the Republican network will be maintained within the framework of road maintenance.

As specified in the ministry, this year 77.9 billion tenge was allocated for the repair and maintenance of highways of republican significance. At the expense of the allocated funds, 1.5 thousand km of roads were repaired (64 km - overhaul, 1,432 km - medium repair).


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