27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

All roads to be fully covered by mobile communication by 2020

Cellular operators should provide mobile communications for all roads in Kazakhstan by 2020. This was reported by the Vice-Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan, Daryn Tuyakov, at a government hour at the Parliament.

"Cellular operators have obligations to the state before the end of 2020 to completely cover all motorways with 2G mobile communication. As for the Internet, at present we have specially purchased cars - mobile radio monitoring, which allows to measure all roads. These two cars have now travelled the main routes. We now have all the measurements. As for 2G, the coverage is satisfactory. But there are failures in some places. In the zone of settlements, there is a strong connection. Until the end of 2020, they will be fully covered by mobile communication," the vice-minister said.


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