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How Trans.eu Communicator can improve the work of specialists in transport industry?

logo Trans.eu 260x184The history of Trans.eu begins in 2004. Even then, the main innovation was that the entire business model was based on communications that were always crucial to the transport industry.

Since the foundation of our company, we have been striving to create a system that will simplify and improve the work of modern forwarders, freight carriers, and logisticians as much as possible.

The communicator, as a business tool, was created in 2005. Trans.eu Communicator became the first of its kind in the transport industry. The difference was, in particular, that the conversation on the Trans.eu Platform is carried out on certain topics (for example, about applications for cargo transportation).

Trans.eu has changed the work of the entire transport industry. Due to it, the forwarders and logisticians from phones and notebooks have moved over to the communicator, thus improving the efficiency of their work, speeding up the process of obtaining the contracts and receiving the necessary information.

Besides, at present time the communicator is also available as a separate application for the platform Android, TransMessenger in order to you could easily continue a conversation with the partner at a convenient time without having to be attached to the computer.

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So what are the advantages of the communicator apart that the communication is carried out online without the need for you to call or write an SMS to a partner from Germany, for example?

First, all communication takes place within the platform. There is no need to report any additional contact details for talk about a transaction that might not satisfy you. Well, as we already mentioned above, you only receive messages from the users of the Platform, which excludes the streams of unnecessary messages that are not related to cargo transportation.

Second, you can negotiate at once with more partners and at the same time all information about them, their capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages will always be at your fingertips and you refer to it at any time to choose really the best offer from of all those available.

Third, all contacts, all initiated conversations, and successfully concluded negotiations will remain in one place. And you can return to them anytime from anywhere in the world, which means that you can finish the transaction and negotiate the shipment of the cargo anytime and anywhere, while the mobility is no longer an advantage but a necessity in the modern world.

Fourth, Trans.eu has made sure that all your correspondence is saved and archived and in case of controversial situations you can always access it and find arguments that confirm your rightness.

Well, last but not least important: using the embedded communicator or the TransMessenger application is absolutely free for all users of the Trans.eu Platform, which means no additional or unforeseen expenses for communication via the Trans.eu communicator.

If you want to learn more about the communicator, the messenger or other advantages of the Trans.eu Platform, we invite you to visit our stand at the TransKazakhstan/Translogistica Exhibition, September, 18-20, IEC Atakent, 10th pavilion.

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