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Kazakhstan amends agreement with US on cargo transit to Afghanistan

The deputies of the Senate of the Kazakh parliament ratified the protocol on amending the intergovernmental agreement with the United States on providing commercial rail transit of special cargo through Kazakhstan, regarding US participation in efforts to stabilize and restore Afghanistan.

The bill was considered and approved by the Parliament of Kazakhstan in March 2018.

The protocol provides for the inclusion of Aktau and Kuryk ports in the special cargo transit route to/from Afghanistan via the Caspian Sea.

"The main route for material support of the contingent in Afghanistan passes through Pakistan, but due to military and political instability and existing disagreements in bilateral relations, the American side is working on an alternative route: from the territory of Azerbaijan via the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan (Aktau and Kuryk ports) and then by rail to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, which is a modified version of the Northern Distribution Network," the message said.

The bill is sent for signature to the president of Kazakhstan.


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