27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Truck carriages between Kazakhstan and Norway will be simplified

At a plenary session, Parliament approved ratification of the governmental agreement between Kazakhstan and Norway on international motorway carriages, Kazpravda.kz correspondent reports.

"The cargo transportation volume by road between Kazakhstan and Norway increased by 53 percent in 2016 and amounted to 1,500 tons. The draft agreement establishes the legal framework for motorway carriages," the head of the RK MID said.

According to the speaker, the conditions of the agreement are beneficial for Kazakhstan carriers, since at present freight transportation between the two countries is made by carriers of third countries, for example, by Belarusian and Russian transport companies.

"Belarus and Russia are close to Norway, and it is easier for them to solve logistics and other issues. Kazakhstan is a big distance away and there is no legal framework on it. After ratification, we will carry out transportation ourselves, "the head of the MID RK concluded.

Earlier, Parliament approved ratification of the protocol on the launch of road service communication between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


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