27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Investors of maritime projects discuss potential of Kazakhstan's ports

An international transport and logistics forum which discussed the issues of increasing the cargo turnover of seaports, a single tariff for the Caspian transit corridor and mutually beneficial cooperation, was held in Aktau on July 20.

In addition, the investment attractiveness of the Mangistau region was demonstrated, Kazinform reported.

Being part of ‘Nurly Jol' program announced by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the development of a new Eurasian logistics infrastructure is one of Kazakhstan's top priorities.

The Mangistau region plays an important role in this chain. With the implementation of logistics projects planned in Mangistau, the capacity of the Kazakhstan logistics node in the Caspian Sea by the end of 2018 will exceed 25 million tons.

Akim of Mangistau region Eraly Tugzhanov while delivering a speech at the meeting said that this region is the only one which is situated on the shore of the Caspian Sea and plays a key role in the program of the revival of the Great Silk Road.

“All conditions for further active cooperation with the Caspian countries are being created in Mangistau," he said.

The second phase of construction of the Kuryk port - the automobile crossing has already been launched. The project will create competitive environment in the development of road transport along alternative routes.

“A modern dry cargo and ferry fleet is being actively formed to develop multimodal logistics chains. By 2020, the fleet will be brought to 20 ships,” Tugzhanov added.

A tripartite memorandum was signed between the akimat of Mangistau region, A + A Group of Companies and EnerMech. A bilateral memorandum between the ports of Aktau and Anaklia was also signed in the course of the forum.

Memorandums have been signed with a view of mutually advantageous cooperation in attracting investments in the fields of power, transport and logistics.

The forum was attended by the heads of state bodies, local oil companies, as well as the ports’ representatives of countries which actively develop the field of maritime logistics including Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, China, Georgia, America, Britain and Italy.


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