27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Opinions of participants of TransitKazakhstan 2016

Tatyana Yeremina, Member of the Board of BaltMarketConsult, the stand of Estonia

At the exhibition, as the stand of Estonia, we have been participating for many years, and today I am here as the official representative. This year our eight leading companies participate in it, which represent ports, railway companies, the companies engaged in forwarding, also the companies that own terminals. This is not the first time these companies are participating and they come to the exhibition every year. This is the proof of the fact that they need to attend and exhibit. Kazakhstan for Estonia is an important partner, we always regard you as credible partners, all of that, certainly, is confirmed with long term relationships and we see that you are very interested in our companies. Thanks to the organisers for attracting the companies which are directly engaged in cargo transportation, since we have interesting offers exactly for this segment of the market.

Тatyana Roschyupkina, Director of InterRail Kazakhstan

I represent the company InterRail Kazakhstan, we are one of the companies of TransInvest Kazakhstan, that is the international holding company, having a large number of representative offices all around the world (Russia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Switzerland). We are engaged in international logistics, our principal area of activity is rail transportation. Our company has very advantageous positions, if to take from the perspective of geographical location, then we have our offices almost everywhere. For example, our offices are located in China, in Beijing, our colleagues organize container trains, and also we have our offices in Iran which helps us interact with various regions. Our participation in the exhibition is a really significant milestone for the companies of the holding as we may make ourselves known, tell about our new plans, innovations.

Laura Butkyavichene, Head of the CIS Department, the company Arijus

I represent the transport and logistics company Arijus. We offer all types of transportation – they are road, sea, railway transportation, off-gauge and consolidated loads. We perform transportation from all over the world, from Baltic to Kazakhstan. This is the seventh time we are participating in the exhibition, we are pleased that this kind of exhibition is held in Kazakhstan; thank you for organizing the exhibitions. We are very grateful.

Кanat Karim, Deputy Director for Operational Issues, “RAILTRANSASIA”

“RAILTRANSASIA” has been on the market of transportation services for more than three years. Over these years it has taken a stable position on the transportation services market. We provide operating and railroad car rental services. The company is dynamically developing, one of the features confirming this is that we have our own railroad car fleet, which is regularly updated. All our railroad cars were manufactured in 2014-2015, we are expecting an increase in the number of railroad cars. Currently, we are one of the companies, which are in high demand on the market of transportation services; we have a wide geography of railroad car transits. This is both in the territory and outside of Kazakhstan. We have a big amount of clients using our services and this circle is expanding. I would like, first of all, to thank the organisers of the exhibition for that everything is organized at a high level. Here lots of companies are presented with visually beautiful stands. TransitKazakhstan is a platform where we find new contacts; a platform for dialogues with potential clients.

Vitaliy Aleksandrov, Deputy Director of Moscow Branch Office, the company CTM

I represent the company CTM. At the exhibition we have been for 10 years. The company develops software for users of Russia; we have users in Kazakhstan as well. One of the new developments which we introduce here is the online service “Rei-Locator”, devoted to finding the disposition of railroad carsw. We have the best online service among other companies. The exhibition gives an opportunity to with meet our users, and also with potential customers. Thanks to the organisers for the opportunity offered, and also for wonderful decoration of our stand and the documents provided in due time.

Мedet Ibragimov, Head of the Transport Department , “Kedentransservice” JSC

“Kedentransservice” has been providing transportation services on the market of Kazakhstan for over 15 years. Currently, in Astana and in all large cities of Kazakhstan we have our cargo terminals. Since the moment your company started its activities we have been participating in TransitKazakhstan. Every year due to the exhibition we find clients not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, as now our business is generally focused on container transportations. Thanks a lot to the organisers of this exhibition. It is very nice here; everything is decorated very well. We are pleased to participate in these events. The participation gives us great pleasure, and we think that there will be more clients, accordingly, our business will grow.

Svetlana Omelchenko, Senior PR Specialist, “Transmashholding”

We are the producers of rolling stock. In the exhibition we have taken part for many years. We like the exhibition very much. Our aim is to introduce our technical novelties to our Kazakh colleagues and the representatives from other countries. Over the last years at the enterprise the examples of rolling stock were created, the use of which will be launched by “Transmashholding” in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The locomotives were manufactured on Bryansk Engineering Plant, on the diesel freight locomotive М-28. The modern alternating-current electric train П-3Д. We would like to thank the organisers of the exhibition for wonderful organization, for long-term cooperation. We are pleased to work with you, we will happy to participate in your following exhibitions.

Vladimir Yaremchuk, Head of Marketing Department, “Altaivagon” JSC.

This year TransitKazakhstan for us is an anniversary exhibition. The exhibition is the good possibility not only to meet with long-standing partners, clients, but also to find new partners, open new areas, learn what happens on the market, to meet with business partners. This allows us to broaden horizons and start new business. “Altaivagon” is a company engaged in the production of freight rolling stock. We produce platforms, covered vans, high-sided wagons, and also their spare parts. In addition, I want to express my gratitude to the company Iteca for offering us a great opportunity to show ourselves and for the high level of organization of this exhibition and business events.

Аleksey Emanuilov, Head of the Department of Foreign Trade Transportation, “FESCO” Transportation Group

“FESCO” is one of the largest companies of the transportation market, it is represented with fairly impressive resources in the territory of Russia. We have our own office in the territory of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia. In the exhibition we have been participating for 2 years. The first time our local office participated in it; after the event, we realized that this is interesting for us, as we see the results. Traditionally, an exhibition for us is meetings with clients, it is new partners, participants of the market. We want to thank the organisers for this opportunity, for that they have organized this exhibition – everything is quite useful.

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