27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition


PartnerInterFreight LLP freight forwarding company announces a new loyalty program that has come into force since June 2023. As part of this program, PartnerInterFreight customers who have reached a certain turnover are credited with PIFCOIN - the company’s own loyalty currency.

PIFCOIN can be used for various benefits and services. One of these benefits is a free expert consultation on accounting and tax accounting for your business, personnel management, and legal due diligence. The team of professionals of PartnerInterFreight is ready to share their knowledge and experience with business partners.


NPS (Net Promoter Score) indicator in PartnerInterFreight is 90%. This confirms the company’s constant dedication to a high level of service and quality of services provided to its business partners for over 15 years.

In the current 2023, the company celebrated its anniversary and approved its development strategy for the next 3 years, aimed at transforming and scaling the business. Until 2025, it is planned to increase the fleet of cars to 1,000 units, as well as provide terminal services.

The organization of work at the terminal in Kazakhstan will allow the company to effectively serve import and export transportation with China, as well as intra-republican and international transportation. This is a strategically important direction, given the importance of trade relations between China and Kazakhstan, as well as the potential for growth in foreign economic activity in this region.

The Trans-Caspian International Transport Route and transportation through the ports of the Baltic countries are new and promising directions for cargo transportation by PartnerInterFreight. These routes provide opportunities to expand the presence in the international market and strengthen partnership relations with companies in the regions.
Partnership with leading transport companies in various regions of the world opens up the company’s opportunities for multimodal transportation, which includes several modes of transport (for example, rail, sea and road), which allows to optimize logistics and delivery of goods, ensuring a more efficient use of resources.

In general, the PartnerInterFreight development strategy for the next 3 years sounds ambitious and takes into account the promising directions of freight traffic.

PartnerInterFreight invites you to visit the company stand A13.

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