27th Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics Exhibition

Welcome Letters 2012

It is a pleasure to welcome the exhibitors and guests of this large-scale event that would introduce us to the prospects of development of the Eurasian transport and communications complex and offer the latest transportation and logistics systems for transit. This is Transit-Kazakhstan 2012 International Exhibition dedicated to the transit-oriented transportation and logistics systems.

Nowadays, it appears impossible to develop the economy of any country without improving its transport infrastructure, which is capable of rendering a multiplicative effect on all related sectors.

This exhibition offers a unique opportunity for the exchange of experience and solving of urging problems in the transportation industry.

I would like to emphasise that Kazakhstan located in the middle of essential traffic streams of the Eurasian continent is an important and reliant strategic partner for many countries. This is evidenced by the fact that major transportation businesses and companies of foreign countries participate in the exhibition.

The achievements of transportation businesses and companies displayed at the exhibition demonstrate that the Eurasian region currently has a high potential to meet the increasing demand for transportation services.

I am confident that Transit-Kazakhstan 2012 International Exhibition will make a weighty contribution to the future promotion of transit opportunities, facilitating fruitful cooperation among businesses and companies of our countries, and the development of mutually beneficial partnership.

Let all the exhibitors and organisers of the exhibition enjoy fruitful work and every success in achieving their goals!

A. Zhumagaliyev
Minister of Transport and Communications
of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I would like to welcome the organisers, exhibitors and visitors of TransitKazakhstan 2012, the Kazakhstan International Exhibition.

TransitKazakhstan, already a significant event for Kazakhstan’s transport industry, gives professionals from leading transport companies a chance to form new ideas and technical and managerial solutions, learn about innovations in the industry, discuss topical issues, and to establish and strengthen valuable partnerships.

We are very pleased to see Russian exhibitors at the event - their presence is proof of their success in this market.

I would like to wish all the exhibitors, visitors and organisers every success in their work.

A. Yakovlev
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan